Animal Farm Movie

There are two Animal Farm Movie Editions available, the Animal Farm movie from 1954 and the Animal Farm movie version from 1999. Both can be bought as DVD or streamed online.

Animal Farm 1954 Movie

The Animal Farm 1954 version is an animated film, which can be streamed for free on YouTube. Check out the video above. If your looking for a version with Portuguese subtitles, it can be found here.

Animal Farm 1954 was produced by John Halas and Joy Batchelor, based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Animal Farm 1954 was the first British animated film that has been released. The Animal Farm movie earned not only positive criticism, since the CIA paid for the filming as part of a US offensive against communism during the Cold War, leading to an influence on the representation of Orwell’s book. Both, Halas and Batchelor, did propaganda film for the British government before.

Animal Farm 1999 Movie

Animal Farm 1999 is an Emmy-nominated live-action adaptation. It was produced by Greg Smith and Robert Halmi. 14 real animals were used to represent the different characters of Animal Farm. An analysis of all characters of Animal Farm can be found here. Also, ten dogs were cast into the movie. Animal Farm 1999 got criticized for its loose adaptation of the book. Critics say it has a lack of subtleness and it’s too simplistic for adults but too dark and political for children.

A full version of this Animal Farm movie can be found here. Check out the trailer below:

Animal Farm 1981 movie

Animal Farm 1981 has nothing to do with George Orwells Animal Farm. It is a shameful pornographic bootleg video. It shows Animal Lover Bodil Joensen having sex with various animals. In 1981 the tape was speciously smuggled into the United Kingdom. Since then it gets handed around in the underground market.

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