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Animal Farm

What is animal farm about?

Animal Farm by George Orwell is a novel about animals of an English farm. The animals are revolting against the rule of its human owner who neglects and exploits them. After initial successes and beginning prosperity, pigs are increasingly taking the lead and establish a tyranny that is worse than the supremacy before. The book Animal Farm was published in 1946. It reflects, according to George Orwell events, which hat lead to the Russian October Revolution, followed by the dictatorial rule of Stalin.

Animal Farm background

The novel was written by George Orwell during the Second World War when the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union had an alliance. Josef Stalin enjoyed high reputation in the British society, a condition which was hated by Orwell. Originally the title was Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, but publishers in the USA removed the subtitle when the book was published. Only one translation kept the original title, other used subtitles containing the word “Satire”.

Animal Farm awards

According to the Time magazine, Animal Farm is one of the hundred best novels written in the English language. In 1996 it won the Hugo Award in the category best novella, in 2011 the Prometheus Hall of Fame Award, a price which honors classic libertarian works.

Besides these Awards, Animal Farm inspired also music, such as Pink Floyd’s album record Animals. It has also been turned into a cartoon in 1954 and into a film in 1999. Both using the same name as the book.